Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Can I cancel my spa appointment at any time?

(A) A 24 hour cancellation notice is required for all appointments in order to facilitate other guests' needs.

(Q) How early should I arrive for my treatment?

(A) Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your treatment.

(Q) When should I ask my practitioner questions about my treatment, or any concerns I might have?

(A) We provide a relaxing, quiet, and tranquil environment. We ask that you respect other guests' treatments by speaking softly as you pass through the hall. Any questions you may have will be answered thouroughly in the privacy of your own treatment room.

(Q) Can I book for a treatment if I am pregnant?

(A) If you are pregnant, you may want to avoid booking treatments that involve the use of essential oils and deep pressure. Please advise us upon booking so that we can prepare your treatment room to suit your needs.

(Q) Should I wear jewelry to my spa treatment?

(A) For your comfort, during all spa services your practitioner will ask you to remove all jewelry. To avoid forgetting your valuables in the pockets of our spa robes, we recommend that you leave all jewelry at home. The spa is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items.

(Q) What do I change into for my facial?

(A) We have provided facial gowns, slippers and bathrobes for our facial customers in the changing area.