December Special


Pear and Almond Mineral Oxygenating Treatment

Discover latest seasonal facial treatment for Fall,

Pear & Almond Seasonal Facial Treatment.

An Oxygenating facial combining Pear and Almond extracts and boost of minerals

suitable for all skin type, especially those lacking radiance, dull and tired skins.

Special Price: $149:00

Original Price: $249.00


Mousse Cocoon Facial

This facial is designed to reduce fine lines, stimulate cell renewal,

while enhancing elasticity and tone.

Enlivens the skin to youthfulness and radiance.

Special Price: $149.00

Original Price: $249.00


Movie Star Treatment

Skin Refreshing Facial with Movie Star Neck Treatment,

and Refreshing Eye Treatment//Hydrating Lip Treatment.

Special Price: $99.00

Original Price: $180.00



Hand and Foot Treatment 

Special Price: $40.00